Sunday, October 28, 2007

more film drawings

I just started story boarding for my film! I'm excited, even though a lot of things still need to be figured out, at least its moving forward. Here are some idea drawings for characters etc.
Oh and last friday I was in a hear gallery art show and instead of putting in framed acrylics and gouaches like I usually do, I just thumb tacked a bunch of water color drawings on the wall. Later this week I'll try and pst some of them... most of them are older but haven't been seen on this blog. Also, here is a flyer made for this project Winona and I are doing. I thought it was kind of fun..


Edward Juan said...

Have you having fun with the brushes I gave you? I can't wait to see your film! Once... it gets finished. which. YOU BETTER!

Noel Belknap said...

the documentary looks interesting, any replies?

Enjae Lee said...

I saw the poster on the wall! Sounds fun!!