Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Death By Blonde" my film created at CalArts year two

The quality on here sucks! But this will give you an idea. The music was created by DeVotchka and used with permission.
oh and heres a little quick drawing I did...


Edward Juan said...

yeah! you finally posted your film. sweet!!!!

Unknown said...

Ms. Psycho Daisies,

Great piece! Your short has these varied elements of inspiration and reminds me of the classical Russian Works.I totally dig the Devotchka song and pretty hyped you got the permission for that.

Great work! Looking forward in checking out more!! ^^

Anonymous said...

(your film rules)
also, I love that drawing! especially the little bean man...

Edward Juan said...

Daron, i really REALLY miss you. You have no idea. I'm gonna try and visit you at Calarts that Sunday weekend of nick's wedding, before I fly back to portland.

jennifer m. lee said...

daron i remember that time at i think character animation party i was super wasted and going to ur cube to drop my stuff off and u were like, yeah im gonna really focus on my film since ill be single

grrrrlllllll you did amazing
it shows how much time u spent
the details are absolutely amazing

congrats and future congrats on all you'll accomplish!!! :]

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