Tuesday, May 24, 2011

That Movie Show Free LA Screening Poster!

On June 2nd, That Movie Show will run it's 20th and final episode. And on June 7th (Tuesday) we're celebrating at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles! The theater Serves booze (and has a cool rooftop) and chances are there will be a drinking game.
You may have seen a few episodes of "That Movie Show" on the internet (www.thatmovieshow.com). But, you've never seen them like this... RE-CUT & UNCENSORED! Seasons 1 & 2! ON THE BIG SCREEN! THE CAPS MEAN THIS IS GOING TO BE NEAT!

The above is from Bobby's facebook invite! Bobby is the coolest ever.
I made the poster! It has all the info! It'll be a good time so come if you can! I also animated the theme song ; )

The Poster!

The Poster without text!

Watch the trailer!


Lorraine LeBer Rocha said...

Nice design! I love that the "That Movie Show" letters are all little characters too!

Anthony Holden said...

Radicalness. Is there no way to travel back in time?

Joshua Dotson said...

haha.. Nice!

ethan hegge said...


Great work Daron!!

DuncanMcNefcy said...
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