Wednesday, October 07, 2009

girls girls girls

Lots of girly drawings in this post in honor of the fact that I've been asked to join the Girls Drawing Girls group, which I think will be really fun. They have a website here:

This 1st one I did about a month ago after seeing some way cooler then I'll ever been skate boarding ladies on Venice beach.

This one is for Zoe Moss' way cute and nerdy Sailor Moon sketch blog. Its a deranged Chibi Moon! If you ever doodle sailor moon and want to post some drawings, check out the blog here:

These two are quick self portraits

The rest of these are all quick sketches I do sometimes while watching TV (I'll admit, mostly Degrassi, its a guilty pleasure). I don't usually post my sketch book pages, but I thought these ones were kind of fun in a heavy lined ugly kind of way : )


Team Diana said...

I am so excited that new episodes of Degrassi are just two days away!

Your sketches crack me up!

Daron said...

its about to get real

ZaR said...

I love your self-portraits... they're so cute!

andres casciani said...

nice carachters, all those eyyyeeessss!!!!

Anonymous said...

i would have to agree with Zar on this one, your self portraits are adorable. great stuff daron, keep on posting:)